Plain Tribes of Assam

Rabha Tribes

The Rabha is a Tibeto-Burman community indigenous to the Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya, and West Bengal. They primarily inhabit the plains of Lower Assam and the Dooars, while some are found in the Garo Hills. Most of the Rabhas of Dooars refer to themselves as Rabha, but some of them often declare themselves as Kocha.

Barman Tribes

The Barman Kacharis are an indigenous community of Northeast India and are a subsection of the Dimasa people in Barak Valley but claim to be a separate group in Brahmaputra Valley.

Deori Tribes

The Deoris are one of the major indigenous communities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. and are commonly associated with the Bodo-Kachari group. They historically lived in the area of Sadiya, Joidaam, Patkai foothills, and in the upper plains or also called the hinterland of the Brahmaputra Valley.